Smart Textiles

Emerging Technologies

Special functional properties transform simple clothing into smart textiles. The fabrics of these textiles are often called filaments and have to conduct electricity or signals well while being extraordinarily chemically stable.

This is necessary in order to integrate organic or inorganic components, miniature sensors and actuators into the textiles that provide them with special smart functions. The filaments are woven into meshes and have a micrometer-scale diameter.

VON ARDENNE has succeeded in coating the filaments, for instance of meshes, with full coverage in order to ensure a good ohmic through-connection, while the flexibility is retained. Furthermore, we have deposited an efficient corrosion protection layer on the filaments that provides them with an exceptional and long-term stable conductivity, even under special corrosive conditions.

Smart textiles with these properties are suitable for many applications. Which one do you have in mind? Get in touch. We will find a solution together.


Applications: SMART textiles

Substrate shape: flexible, three-dimensional

Substrate material: polymer, textile

Coating Technology: electron beam technology, magnetron sputtering down, magnetron sputtering up

Function: contact

Corresponding equipment