Metal Strip Coating System

The VON ARDENNE MSC1250B metal strip coating system is the perfect tool for starting the production of thin-film coated metal strip based on physical vapor deposition (PVD). The used batch coating principle is characterized by coil-to-coil processing with process interruption and manual coil exchange.

However, the process area is constantly kept under vacuum conditions between the maintenance intervals. The MSC1250B is especially designed for customers who do not need the high productivity of an air-to-air coating system and its continuous strip processing.

With the MSC1250B, complex and highly functional layer stacks can be created for a variety of applications using magnetron sputtering.


Applications: automotive, construction industry, decorative coatings, LED lighting, lighting industries, solar thermal systems

Substrate shape: flexible

Substrate material: aluminum, copper, stainless steel, steel

Coating Technology: magnetron sputtering up, thermal evaporation

Function: absorption, corrosion protection, decoration, reflection

Layers & Layer stacks: Ag, Al, Cr, CrN, CrO, Cu, Mg, SiN, SiOx, Ti, TiNx, TiOC, TiOx, Zn

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Sputter Components
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