MSC1250 Multipurpose

Metal Strip Coating System

The VON ARDENNE MSC1250 is a production system for multipurpose thin-film coatings on metal strip using physical vapor deposition (PVD). It is based on a modular platform. The air-to-air system allows continuous strip processing with external coiler and handling.

The MSC1250 can be equipped with various components for pre-treatment and coating. By depositing multiple layers of metals and oxides with different PVD processes, complex and highly functional layer stacks can be created.


Applications: automotive, construction industry, CSP Concentrated Solar Power, decorative coatings, fuel cells, LED lighting, lighting industries, solar thermal systems

Substrate shape: flexible

Substrate material: aluminum, copper, metals, stainless steel, steel

Coating Technology: electron beam technology, magnetron sputtering up, thermal evaporation

Function: absorption, corrosion protection, decoration, diffusion barrier, passivation, reflection

Layers & Layer stacks: Ag, Al, Cr, CrN, CrO, Cu, Mg, SiN, SiOx, Solar Control, Ti, TiNx, TiOC, TiOx, Zn

Corresponding Components & Systems:
Electron Beam Components
Sputter Components
Measurement & Software

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