GC330H & GC254H

glass coating system

With our GC330H and GC254H glass coating systems, we offer equipment to produce a high-quality product portfolio of architectural glass for all markets of the world.

We have delivered more than 50 of these coating systems to customers all over the world.

The VON ARDENNE GC330H and GC254H glass coating systems have a modular design. Their key feature is that all process compartments have a standard width of 780 millimeters.

We provide our inline systems in customized configurations suitable for all common glass sizes including 100“, Jumbo and Super Jumbo format.


Applications: architectural glazing, automotive

Substrate shape: flat/rigid

Substrate material: glass

Coating Technology: magnetron sputtering down

Function: anti-reflection, heat insulation, solar control

Layers & Layer stacks: Double Low-E, Low-E, Solar Control, Triple Low-E

Corresponding Components & Systems:
Sputter Components
Measurement & Software