Vertical Glass Coating System

The VON ARDENNE GC120VCR is a carrier-based vertical inline coating system for the deposition of metal and oxide thin-film multilayer systems on flat glass substrates or other materials. The substrate transport is carrier-based and the system features a carrier return system.

As a leading developer and manufacturer of vacuum coating equipment for large-area applications, VON ARDENNE has incorporated its broad knowledge and expertise in PVD technologies into the GC120VCR platform. The reliability of this system is well proven in the PV industry.


Applications: displays & touch panels, photovoltaics, precision optics

Substrate shape: flat/rigid

Substrate material: glass

Coating Technology: magnetron sputtering vertical

Function: anti-reflection, contact, reflection, TCO

Layers & Layer stacks: Ag, Al, AZO, Cr, Cu, ITiO, ITO, Mo, Mo:AlOx, NbOx, Ni, NiV, SiN, SiOx, Ti, TiOx

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Sputter Components
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Modular Process Systems


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