Fuel Cell

Emerging Technologies

VON ARDENNE is committed to advancing the development of a sustainable mobility and emission-free, eco-friendly energy supply. One of our contributions is coating equipment for the deposition of functional layers on bipolar plates for fuel cell manufacturing.

For manufacturers of fuel cell components and stacks, we offer ideal solutions for low-cost and highly productive manufacturing thanks to our expertise and more than 60 years of experience in PVD technologies and our coating equipment concepts. Our machines are based on a platform structure and are scalable from R&D to pilot production to high-volume production.

VON ARDENNE has succeeded in depositing a carbon coating on stainless steel bipolar plates using physical vapor deposition (PVD). The carbon coating had similar properties to a gold coating with regards to its interfacial contact resistance (ICR), adherence and corrosion resistance.

Let us make the most of the potential that fuel cells offer!

We will support you from the research and development phase to establishing an industrial coating solution. You can rely on our committed staff and our expertise in PVD technology and in engineering coating equipment that we have built over decades.


Applications: fuel cells

Substrate shape: flat/rigid, flexible, three-dimensional

Substrate material: steel

Coating Technology: electron beam technology, magnetron sputtering down, magnetron sputtering up

Function: corrosion protection, diffusion barrier, passivation

Layers & Layer stacks: a-C

Corresponding equipment