Web Coating System

The FOSA CX is a compact production tool for the roll-to-roll deposition of thin functional layers on polymer films. It is ideal for high-volume production and is optimized for single drum applications.

Furthermore, it benefits from a freely configurable compartment structure and can be maintained easily from two sides.


Applications: architectural glazing, automotive, displays & touch panels, mobile devices, packaging, photovoltaics, semiconductor devices

Substrate shape: flexible

Substrate material: polymer

Coating Technology: magnetron sputtering on drum

Function: adhesion agent , anti-reflection, contact, diffusion barrier, electrochromism, flexible PCB/FCCL, heat insulation, passivation, solar control, TCO

Layers & Layer stacks: Ag, Al, AlOx, AZO, Cr, Cu, Double Low-E, ITO, Low-E, Mo, NbOx, SiN, SiOx, Solar Control, Triple Low-E, W

Corresponding Components & Systems:
Sputter Components
Measurement & Software

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