Flexible Glass

Emerging Technologies

Flexible glass is a relatively new substrate material with a unique combination of properties. It is available in rolls and is ideally suited for applications such as flexible electronics, flexible photovoltaics and flexible displays.

VON ARDENNE has developed the FOSA LabX 330 Glass, a roll-to-roll vacuum coating system that is optimized for the processing of flexible glass. In August 2016, it was installed in Dresden and is available for demonstrations, sampling and joint product developments. Please contact us if you are interested in taking this opportunity.


Substrate shape: flexible

Substrate material: flexible glass

Coating Technology: magnetron sputtering down, magnetron sputtering up, thermal evaporation

Function: anti-reflection, contact, heat insulation, reflection, solar control, TCO

Layers & Layer stacks: Ag, Al, AZO, Cr, Cu, Double Low-E, ITO, Low-E, NbOx, SiOx, TiOx

Corresponding equipment