Modular Process Systems

VON ARDENNE Cluster Systems are ideally suited to meet the different technological requirements of research and development facilities and of customers who need a tool for mass production.

This is especially true for the development of new coating technologies and the creation of layers with specific properties and a high reproducibility.

The systems can be configured individually for different tasks: up to seven process chambers and one or more load locks can be installed around the central transfer chamber. All chambers are separated from each other, both vacuum wise and with regards to their control technology.

Our cluster systems are suited for the processing of customer-specific substrates with a maximum size of eight inches in diameter or 200 mm x 200 mm. Carriers are used for substrates with smaller dimension or irregular shapes, like shards or three-dimensional objects.


Applications: architectural glazing, automotive, basic research, batteries, displays & touch panels, fuel cells, LED lighting, mechatronics (MEMS, MOEMS), medical devices, organic LEDs, photovoltaics, precision optics, sensors

Substrate shape: flat/rigid, flexible, three-dimensional

Substrate material: glass, steel, wafers

Coating Technology: ALD, electron beam technology, hot-wire CVD (HWCVD), magnetron sputtering down, magnetron sputtering up, magnetron sputtering vertical, plasma-enhanced CVD (PECVD), thermal evaporation

Function: active OLED layer, anti-fingerprint, anti-reflection, contact, corrosion protection, diffusion barrier, heat insulation, passivation, primer, reflection, semiconductor, solar control, TCO, wave length filter

Layers & Layer stacks: Double Low-E, Low-E, Solar Control, Triple Low-E

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Modular Process Systems


Modular Process Systems