Hollow Cathode Source

Apart from physical vapor deposition (PVD) sources, VON ARDENNE offers various chemical vapor deposition (CVD) sources. The CVD technology enables certain layer characteristics which can either not be obtained with PVD at all, or only at high effort and costs. VON ARDENNE supplies pyhsically-enhanced CVD (PECVD) sources with particular, tweaked matchboxes and generator systems, as well as gas supply systems.

Remark: For static mode PECVD chambers and sources, please consult the VON ARDENNE Modular Process Systems brochure.

Hollow Cathode source (HCS) This source is characterized by a hollow structure and an integrated anode. Species generation is extensively independent from the substrate or, respectively, the carrier and occurs in front of the cathode. The substrates can either be electrically conductive or insulating.

The electrons are confined between the potential drops on the cathode’s trench walls. This increases the gas ionization and, therefore, the plasma density. The superposing of plasma in the trenches result in a very intense, bright plasma below the electrode plate.

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