Ex-Situ GC Measuring System

In the coating industry, not only the technical properties of the coated product are relevant for quality assurance (QA). Short ramp-up times and fast failure detection are also essential to keep coating costs at bay. Hence, inline measurement systems are commonly used and nothing new. There are in-situ measurement systems inside the coaters and ex-situ systems for measurements outside them.

The VON ARDENNE Ex-Situ GC Measuring System is designed for quality assurance and quality monitoring for coatings on glass such as functional coatings for photovoltaics applications, optical coatings and low emissivity (low-E) coatings. It is also suited for optical characterization and sheet resistance measurement.

Ex-situ measuring systems measure the properties of the whole layer stack, such as reflectance, transmittance and sheet resistivity, but also color or other quality parameters.

Recent VON ARDENNE Ex-Situ Measuring Systems for Low-E coated glass go beyond the mere optical measurement of the coated glass pane. They can predict the appearance (technical parameters, emissivity, U-value, or G-value) of double or triple insulating glass units made of panes from the current production.

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