VA Process Solutions

Proven Components. Excellent results.

What are you looking for in a supplier of components and process solutions? Experience? Reliability? A proven track record?

VON ARDENNE equipment is used in over 50 countries. We have established an installed base of hundreds of coating systems worldwide, ranging from small tools to equipment for large-area coating applications.

Every day, our customers are facing the challenge of staying in a leading position. Why do they choose VON ARDENNE Process Solutions as their partner? For our keys to success, please consult our brochure.


Our mission is to create value by bringing our industry leading technology and process experience to our customers. We want to achieve that by offering state-of-the-art hardware solutions with best-in-class performance specifications and reliability.

Furthermore, we offer advanced process control hardware and software solutions to control processes of single sources or in complex layer stacks settings. It is our aim to deliver a guaranteed process result according to your specifications and timeline. And we are confident that we can offer you what you are looking for in a supplier.

Electron Beam Components

Sputter Components


SSM/SSM-SSM Magnetrons

DAS - Dual Anode Sputtering


Advanced Heating Control System

Glow Discharge Device


Measurement & Software

Recording of process data

VA BCOS Electron Beam Control


Hollow Cathode Source